Sundubu is a sort of Korean stew with tofu and variety of ingredients.
Because of good flavor and healthy feelings "sundubu" has become a fad
since its speciality restaurant opened in Los Angeles, USA.
Also in the city like New York more specialty restaurants are being opened
as well as in Los Angeles.Tokyo Sundubu is now aiming to harmonize this cuisine
into the Japanese food culture through qualified arrangements of soup and ingredients,
with making the best use of original taste.

Extensive menu


Over 30 variations from beef or pork to healthy seafoods and riches of the soil.
Sundubu is made of the specially processed soft tofu and other ingredients such as
vegetables, meats and seafoods for example shrimp or asari clam seasoned with tategi which is the corn based Korean condiment.

Beauty and health concious "sundubu"

They say the capsaicin/collagen effect keeps nice skins and figures of Korean women.
Sundubu richly contains soy isoflavone derived from high-protein/low-calorie tofu which supports
a role of female sex hormone, capsaicin derived from red pepper which promotes body metabolism
and collagen which is an essential element of your skin.

35 restaurants nationwide


35 restaurants have been opened all over Japan at present in 2015.
We are now planning to develop our TOKYO SUNDUBU in every part of the world
and hoping much more people enjoy the tastiness of "sundubu".


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